Dissemination, exploitation of results, and sustainability:

WP8 objective is to ensure long-term sustainability and that the knowledge and results are shared with the wider community, locally, regionally and globally.


Activities that will contribute to the sustainability of the project outcomes is the accreditation of the IBSc programs at all JO universities. It is the rule of all JO partners that once the innovative academic programme are approved and accredited by the responsible authorities, the JO universiies will allocate the necessary budget for running it. Considering that the university professors and all the administration teams are paid from the university budget, the need for additional funding is necessary to cover only the over-time, maintenance of equipment and other running costs related to the iBSc programs which are also covered by the annual university budgets. In addition, the iBSc programs have the potential to self-sustain due to the fact that such programmes charge reasonable student fees. There is also high potential, due to the critical importance of the Clinical Nutrition programme in Jordan and neighbouring countries, to attract student scholarship and research finance from the hospitals and health care facilities. All partners will support the WP leader in the executive design of the communication strategy, in the organization of events, in editing, printing and circulating dissemination materials, in web and social media communication, in mainstreaming results at policy level through press releases, articles, policy briefs, stakeholders' mailing lists.

Project Workpackges