Project assurance and efficiency:

The main objective of the quality management and assurance of the project is to ensure for the most effective and efficient implementation of the project in terms of qualitative outputs. The activities aim to define the equality requirements, internal characteristics and activities of the project in accordance with whether or not they have satisfied the specific quality requirements and measurements that must be achieved to define the level of quality that has been realized.


The work package aims to monitor quality throughout the implementation of the project for the maximum achievement of the objectives set out and the undertaking of possible corrective actions that may be necessary. Quality management of the project basically aims to define the acceptable levels of quality of all actions and activities throughout the duration of the project. A set of qualitative and quantitative indicators will be applied through monitoring instruments such as questionnaires, interview grids and check-lists. High attention will be paid to the involvement of all actors concerned, underlining the importance of the contribution of each body involved. Six-months monitoring reports will be elaborated and addressed to the Project Coordinator. As for internal evaluation, an intermediate and a final report will be elaborated, showing the first impact on organizations, territories and beneficiaries involved. A comparison among impact and objective of the action will be made explicit.

Project Workpackges