Implementing and Assessing of the IBSc Programs:

WP5 aims first to piloting the iBSc programs after being accredited by the JO Accreditation body and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in order to build up the confidence needed among the faculty and elicit valuable data for its further improvement.


The WP5 led by P1 with strong support from all partners starts with the development of an implementation plan that will set all the procedures for running the iBSc Programs in BMS. All JO partners will be responsible for the implementation of this package and its deliverables. The implementation plan identifies all the systemic components which are needed for the smooth implementation of the iBSc programs at each university, including description of the course curriculum, its organization; the processes; resource availability and skill sets; major blended learning system components essential to its implementation; how the implementation will be managed; major tasks involved; implementation support; personnel, staffing requirements, training, etc. The next activity, is to provide overall planning and coordination for its pilot implementation and ensure that all manuals applicable to the implementation are available when needed, including technical assistance The proposed programs will run parallel to the Bachelor degree of Medicine program already in place in all the designated partners. The selected students must have successfully finished the first three years of basic medical sciences in their medical schools to be considered for participation. Onwards, the intercalated program will offer a one yearlong intensive coursework in advanced basic medical sciences. Each of the students will also be assigned to conduct a short scientific research project for which he/she should write a final thesis. Participating students will be allowed to choose the research unit and the research project they aspire to take part in. The one academic year intercalated program will be divided into two four-month long semesters as per JO Universities academic calendar. At the end of each semester, written and oral exams will be conducted by a committee that includes external examiners from all participating institutions. Students enrolled in the intercalated program who successfully complete this course work will be awarded a Bachelor Degree in Basic Medical Sciences.

Project Workpackges