Capacity Building Plan:

This WP aims at developing a capacity building plan for JO staff to improve their skills and competences in BMS. The report produced by WP on local needs will guide the EU partners to prepare the needed training materials. Each EU partner will host 12 JO staff over one week to deliver training sessions and seminars on the topics that will be identified in WP1. Based on the analysis & identification of gaps & needs at WP1, EU partner universities will develop training materials, training programs on the needed competences and skills in iBSc programs in BMS. Practical placements will be organized to EU partners in addition to a capacity building plan.


That is, practical placements from PC countries to EU partners will be conducted to share experiences & best practices in the delivering iBSc programs in BMS. Each partners HEI will create a pool of teaching experts through selecting suitable candidates from each JO HEI. n. 4 visits to the EU universities, each visit up to 2 staff from each JO HEI will attend training programs to improve their skills and competences in delivering and implementing courses in iBSc programs in BMS. In the second phase of TOT, the trainees will transfer their gained knowledge to other trainers in their institutions via training workshops and seminars organized at each JO HEI.

Project Workpackges