Anna Nordström
UmU-Umeå University (Sweden)

Anna Nordström, Professor in Public Health, Umeå University, Sweden is the Director of Testbed Life Medicine at Region Västerbotten and works as senior attending physician in Rehabilitation Medicine, and Behavioral Medicine. Her roles involve building and leading teams to research and develop (R&D) technologies, services and practices in digital health as well as risk factor identification in non-communicable diseases. Testbed Life Medicine that she has founded provides shared resources for many researchers, students and SMEs including development of protocols for recruitment, study information and consent, development of study protocols, information and informed consent forms, ethical approval application. The demographic trend of an aging population entails challenges to create opportunities for people to be healthy and independent late in life, and to avoid the most common diseases that cause morbidity. Anna Nordström’s research is focused on development of new tools for the next generation healthcare and research on the elderly. She is leading the development of predictive analytics through her work on development of tools to better measure, aggregate and make sense of behavioural, psychosocial and biometric data in the elderly. Nordström has a H-index of 26 and has published over 100 original research papers in top-ranked international peer-reviewed journals, e.g. British Medical Journal, JAMA Internal Medicine and PLoS Medicine.

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