Prof. Fahmi Abu Al-Rub
Jordan University of Sceince and Technology

Professor of chemical and biochemical engineering, former Dean of Research at JUST and Key Expert at the EMUNI University-Slovenia. Prof. Abu Al-Rub is/was partner in 22 EU projects (2 ENPI, 4 TEMPUS Projects, and 16 Erasmus+), and one NSF, three USAID, and one FAO project, with a total budget exceeding 30,000,000 EURO. Prof. Abu Al-Rub was the key expert and coordinator to establish the first Master's Program in the World on De-Pollution of the Mediterranean that was supposed to be hosted by three European Universities. Prof. He is the coordinator of INVENT – PROMOTION OF INNOVATION CULTURE IN THE HIGHER EDUCATION IN JORDAN, and FOODQA - FOSTERING ACADEMIA-INDUSTRY COLLABORATION IN FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY; Erasmus+ Projects, and he was the local coordinator for the “NETKITE” project; an ENPI project, that aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among young researchers in Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Tunisia. Abu Al-Rub has reformed the Deanship of Research at JUST to establish the TTO and externally funded office to manage and secure external funds. He has active research in Environment, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, and Wastewater Treatment. He has more than 85 publications on Environment, and Wastewater Treatment, and renewable energy. Prof. Abu Al-Rub received in 2016, the King Abduallah the Second Award in Innovation, and Abdel-Hameed Shoman Award for Young Arab Researchers 2001.

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