Developing the iBSc Programs Curricula:
This WP builds on WP2 and it aims at defining the syllabi for the new or adapted modulus/courses, collect and put together lecture materials and adapt them to the local needs of the JO universities on the basis of the surveys carried out in WP1, according to International quality standards; developing the final curricula, and training teachers on iBMS-JO topics by the European partners in n.8 train-the-trainers courses and 7 BMS courses.

The developing of iBMS-JO courses will pass through the following steps:
- Elaboration of the syllabi according to the results of the surveys of WP1 on pre-existing curricula’s;
- Monitoring of the experiences and competences of professors and trainers at the Beneficiary Universities on BMS;
- Elaboration of didactic materials for the new modules on BMS for the students. The contents will be developed through the close collaboration of European and JO Partners members of the consortium.



    Anatomy Syllabus template Final
    iBMS-JO Med Ed and Ethics Final v1 
    MAF_iBMS-JO Communication Skills - Aiman 
    Microbiology Syllabus iBMS 24-6-2020 Final
      Special Topics in Public Health_Kheirallah_draft 
      Syllabus Research Methodology[24518] 
      Syllabus_Advanced Pharmacology1